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Catering Menu
  Since its opening in 1988 Bagleman of Garden City has set the standard  
  by which bagel stores are measured, and not just a  
  breakfast favorite, lunch and off site catering  
  are well established on their menu too.  
  Bagelman offers awesome bagels and an assortment  
  of fresh muffins, including corn & double chocolate  
  muffins, as well as and our fresh made low fat  
  cream cheeses. All bagels are cholesterol free. All this  
  and the Best Coffee in Town ! Come in and enjoy the  
  comfortable surroundings and the friendly and courteous  
  staff who are always ready to serve you with a smile !  
  The breakfast menu offers freshly baked bagels and  
  rolls with your choice of butter, fresh plain and  
  assorted cream cheeses, bacon, ham,  
  sausage, cheese, eggs, egg whites  
  and more! We have French Toast,  
  Pancakes, Blueberry Pancakes, Steak and  
  Eggs, Assorted Omelettes and Home Fries.  
  Stop by and ENJOY !  
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